Ontario Bass Fishing

If you want some of the continent’s hottest action for Ontario Bass Fishing then a visit to Muskie Bay Resort is in order. Pound for pound, there is no better fighting fish so get ready for lots of wild jumping action. Ontario Bass Fishing are found in many lakes in our area. Ontario Bass Fishing prefer warmer rocky lakes with lots of shoals and reefs. You can catch Canadian Ontario Bass Fishing with the same tackle you use back home but local favorites include tube jigs and small crank or spinner baits. Later in the season I like live bait split shot with large hook with a live minnow.
BASS – 6-’7’ spinning gear with 6-10# test line, tube jigs, twisters, #1-#3 french or vibrex spinners, topwaters, chuggers, cranks, small spinnerbaits, 4″ crawlers, 3 inch Deep Diving Ex-rap the Blue Back- White Belly and the Bronze Back- Red Belly and slugos. Plastics: Fluke minnow baits, I like the pumpkin seed color and the 4inch crawler in pumpkin seed with red flakes. Grubs: pumpkin seed, black, white. Live Bait: simple hooks, split shot with a  Leech.

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