Lake-of-the-Woods-White-Fish-Bay-Walleye  are extremely abundant. Lake- of- the- Woods-Walleye are in many lakes and rivers, the average-sized Lake-of-the-Woods-Walleye are between 1 and 3 pounds. Of course fish over 30 inches in length and weighing over 10 pounds are a definite possibility. Jigging with live bait is the most common method of catching walleye. Big walleye are often caught at dusk while trolling with medium to deep diving crank baits. Bring a wide variety of tackle with you so you can adjust to changes in wind, light and temperature conditions. The ultimate in table fare and the highlight of the Canadian “Shore lunch”

WALLEYE – 6’ to 7’ spinning gear with 6-10# test line, optional bait casting gear with 10-12# test line for trolling and bottom bouncing, Lindy rigs, spinner rigs and crawler harnesses (gold, silver, chartreuse, orange), jigs 1/16 to 3/8 for live bait, assortment of shallow and deep diver cranks (rainbow trout, silver, gold, perch or fire tiger).

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