Ontario Canada- Lake of the Woods- Crow Lake- Muskie Bay Resort

Crow Lake with over 30,000 acres of clear deep water and Lake of the Woods with 14,000 islands, 65,000 miles of shoreline, there are many opportunities to view and appreciate nature’s wonders. Our landscape also provides the perfect setting for many outdoor adventures such as snowmobile tours or lake tours, ice fishing, Trophy hunts,  hiking and climbing. This region is nothing short of spectacular! Our scenic countryside year round is sure to meet your travel needs.

The opportunity for you to take home that prized trophy is here, our lakes are loaded with lake trout, pikemuskie, perch, walleye, small & large mouth bass, whitefish and crappie.  There are also high populations of Ontario Black Bear and Ontario Whitetail Deer meaning you are almost guaranteed success. Our experienced outfitters know where the big game is and have everything you need for a successful hunt. Ontario Canada also provides excellent habitat for a variety of grouse. These ground-birds include sharp-tails, spruce, and ruffed grouse.

We also offer great Ontario Bird Hunt opportunities. Mallards, blue bills, teals, and mergansers along with several other species of ducks migrate through the region in the autumn. There is also good hunting opportunities for Canadian geese. With thousands of lakes to choose from is a veritable duck paradise – ensuring that you’ll achieve success during your hunt.


Year-Round Resort, Motel, Cabins & Lodge – Lake View Lodging!

Muskie Bay Resort offers fully modern year-round motel and resort lodging with American Plan and Housekeeping Plan Packages available.

American Plan: We would like to make it easy for you… after all, you are on vacation!!! Our American Plan lets us do the worrying, all you have to do is get here.

Our family invites you to come and experience all the great outdoors that Ontario Canada Fishing and Ontario Canada Hunting has to offer here at Muskie Bay Resort in Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Your Hosts

Paul, Chris, Jake, Ashley, Ashton and Devin Trinkner

Taking A Guide

Taking a guide relieves the stress and time to navigate a boat, finding fish or scout for whitetail deer. The guide is prepared so you can relax and enjoy the day out on the water or hunting. It is worth it. Muskie Bay Resort has a new guide boat that can take 3-4 people out at a time. With comfortable seats, casting deck and locater in the front of the boat.


Jake Trinkner has been guiding for almost 18 years. He started when he was 13, learning from Brian Tuesday. Brian was an aboriginal guide with many years of guiding the local waters. The techniques and experience Jake learned from Brian has made him a sought-after guide. Jake has had some interesting careers over the years. He has traveled to the countries of Greenland, Norway, Svalbard and all over Canada. He has countless stories of his travels, many include fish stories. He loves his family first and guiding is a close second. Jake has been guiding full time the past 5 years. He guides year-round for all species of fish, deer, small game and wolf. Jake always starts the summer season a bit nervous. He takes guiding seriously and as we all know, “it’s fishing not catching”. He enjoys meeting new people and working with guests at every experience level. This includes the challenge of working around the weather. He takes the time to show you different techniques, how to read the locator, navigate a boat and get you to where the fish are!

Why Rent A Boat?

Number 1:

Don’t worry about hauling, break downs on the side of road, or extra fuel costs while you travel.

Number 2:

18ft boat 50hp motor. GPS fish locators with the latest map chip. The boat is cleaned, gassed up, charged and ready to go!

Number 3:

Muskie Bay will transport the rental boat to and from various locations. The rental costs include boats, motors and gas on our portage lakes.

Plus, we have rentals for all seasons!

Crow Lake Bite

We’re serving up some of your favorite foods!

From the wood-fired oven-

  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Brats
  • Other BBQ Specials

When? Thursday, Friday & Saturday’s from 11am to 3pm

Preorder by texting us at 608-469-3644.

Life @ Muskie Bay Resort

No boat? No problem! We rent them.

From boat rentals in the summer to icehouse rentals in the winter.  Take a look and let us know what to reserve for you!


Or, Ready To Book Your Stay?

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